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Hello and welcome to my home (page) on the Wild and Wooly Web.   

I have recently filed to run for a seat in the Missouri House, representing the 29th District.  My true mission, however, is to make the world a better place and save the human race.  I can’t do it alone.  I will need a little help from my friends.  A lot of friends.  Literally millions of friends. 

Mary and i visited the Capitol building in Jefferson City right after I filed to run for a seat in the Missouri House.  Numerous inspiring words are painted In big gold letters in the rotunda.  My favorite is “Ideas control the world.”

The ideas controlling the world right now are not the best ideas available.  And time is running out to replace those ideas with better ones.  

I’ve got a head full of ideas.  Even the ones that I can rightfully claim as mine are not truly mine.  They are the product of a life time of reading and reflection and of a serious desire to make the world a better place.  

My ideas for the reform of public education are discussed at length in the book (Edutopia: A Manifesto for the Reform of Public Education) I wrote shortly before retiring from teaching.  You can peruse these reform proposals free of charge at numerous sites on the Internet.  

I have not given my permission for my book to be made available in this manner.  But neither have I sued the pirates involved (including my good friend Google).  I am not litigious by nature.  And I want my ideas considered.

Most of my other ideas reference the Second Bill of Rights proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt seventy years ago in a State of the Union Address.  They include: the right of people to employment paying a living wage; food, clothing and leisure; freedom from unfair competition and monopolies; housing, medical care, Social Security, and education.

I want to see my ideas discussed and debated in a serious manner.  If they are deficient or inadvisable in some way, let that be proven through an open and honest exchange in the marketplace of ideas.  That is the spirit of the First Amendment.  

The ideas that emerge from a spirited debate deserve to be implemented and given a fair trial.  If they do not work as well in practice as they did in theory, they should be replaced.  That is how we make government work effectively.

I hope that the majority of voters and candidates during this critical election year will focus on ideas and ignore the petty insults and accusations, the attack ads and mudslinging and finger pointing that have come to dominate our political process.

The time for politics as theater is past.  We can’t afford it.  We have to have a calm reasoned discussion leading to the election of the candidates with the best ideas for how to end unemployment; address the threat of climate change; develop clean, renewable sources of energy; control the rising cost of health care; and implement a simple and fair system of taxation.

Voters of America unite.  We have a world to save and no time to waste.

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 As the heirs to a noble tradition of free and fair elections and the peaceful transfer of power, going back over two hundred years, we are blessed as Americans with the ability to change our government using ballots instead of bullets.  We don’t have to risk our lives to replace our current government with one that will truly represent the common interest and “promote the general welfare.”  We only have to vote.